Hovis brings back spanking new Boy on the Bike

Here’s the digitally remastered Hovis ‘Boy on the Bike’ ad which made its first appearance in 1973 (or was it 4?) Anyway it’s been voted Britain’s most iconic ad and still looks nice.

It was one of the ads that put director Ridley Scott on the map for commercials, working for the great CDP agency. Scott never made that many commercials in this phase of his career, going off to conquer Hollywood, although his RSA production company forged on across the years and is busily turning them out now, courtesy of a range of Scotts.

He made arguably the most famous ad of all time, ‘1984’ for Apple which ran only once (officially) in the Super Bowl. The story goes that Apple sneaked it in at the end of the previous year, on a largely unwatched Canadian station, to ensure it would be eligible for the next year’s awards.

CDP made numerous classic campaigns in the late 1960s and ’70s, with other famous directors including Alan Parker and Hugh Hudson. Here’s one of Parker’s for Parker Pens.

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