Polaroid enlists Ridley Scott star power for ‘real connection’

Polaroid is hanging in there despite everyone seemingly snapping away on their phones and it’s launching a campaign – ‘Forever Now’ – with this big budget film, ‘Real Connection’ from Ridley Scott Creative Group, shot by RSA films Amsterdam.

‘Real Connection’ presumably because you end up with a photo as opposed to something on your phone you mean to print to but rarely do. ‘Digital distraction’ as they call it. This long version describes all the tech behind it.

Might persuade you to re-evaluate Polaroid, with all that effort going into it.

Ridley’s empire is an interesting one. Production is clearly under pressure in the crisis; will advertisers go back to big budget ads when it’s over?

MAA creative scale: 7.

One Comment

  1. For 100 years, audio did it’s best to recreate sound as accurately as possible. We moved through different media, from shellac to CD and everything in between. And now we listen in mp3, a lossy format. Why? Because it’s convenient, because it fits on our phone, because we can take it anywhere. The same phone can take photos for us, wheever we go. We can edit, filter, transform the results. And it fits in our pocket. Are we going to carry around a bulky (and frankly ugly) Polaroid camera, on the off-chance of getting a photo? (Not forgetting the cost of buying the film.) Thought not.

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