George Parker: Ridley Scott’s real claim to fame – he went to college with me!

Veteran director of Napoleon and Gladiator was a designer turned commercials director before films

Today, Thursday, November 30 is the birthday of Ridley Scott, the famed Geordie director. He will be 86 years old. Which coincidentally, is the same age as me! How the hell does he do it? Right now, he’s basking in the success of just released “Napoleon.” The one place it is less successful is France ‘cos they say it is full of historical cock-ups. Such as he did not fire cannons at the pyramid, he wore his hat the wrong way round and he was a lecherous bugger. Although, there’s an element of truth in that. Never forget that on returning from one of his escapades he would send word to Josehine not to bathe for three days! Right now, Ridley is putting the finishing touches to Gladiator ll.

With another epic lined up to shoot behind that. I don’t know how he does it. I can hardly lift my breakfast beer and lunchtime Martinis. There’s an excellent article on him in Rolling Stone… The opening paragraphs tell us that he went to the Royal College of Art… So, did I. He won a Royal Society of Arts bursary… So, did I. He used it to get to New York and worm his way into the ad biz… So, did I. Is this further proof that great minds think alike? You bet your arse.

Some of Scott’s ads




And everyone remembers this from its sole Super Bowl outing

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