MC Grindah heads up Santander anti-scam drive

About the only common quality to UK bank advertising is that most people find it irritating – possibly because they’re irritated with banks.

Santander at least tries something different – last time out it was faux bank Antandec featuring the supposedly popular TV hosts – now it’s an online film series ‘MC Grindah’s Deadliest Dupes’ aimed at combating online fraud. General Z types are extra-prone to fall for this according to Santander.

Deadliest Dupes features MC Grindah and his chums from the BBC’s People Just Do Nothing about a fictional West London radio station Kurupt FM.

Are BBC performers in character allowed to do this, by the way?

Nicely done by Engine and at least Santander is trying. In its communications anyway, they just closed our local branch even though there always seemed to be queues there.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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