Green Flag and Engine keep up pressure on the AA and RAC

Green Flag’s “Common sense to the rescue” campaign gets its third instalment, again using a half price offer to jolt AA and RAC customers out of renewing on autopilot. This time, we get jumping dogs in wigs, a karate chopping grandma and a car covered in sticky jam to help deliver the message.

Candace Gerlach, head of marketing at Green Flag said: “Since launching with our new creative platform in 2017, we’ve learnt a lot about what resonates with our audience and have been able to iterate and optimise over the last few years. As a business, we are proud of the service we provide to our customers at the roadside 24/7. We hope that comes across in the most visually interesting way, in a category that people think about very little.”

Orlando Warner, creative director at Engine, said: “We’ve created a simple, impactful film that’s hard to ignore… it really is unlike anything else in the category.”

Makes its point and entertains at the same time.

MAA creative scale: 7

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