Shnoosee Bailey of HeyHuman: my Top Tips for Cannes

Shnoosee Bailey is executive creative director of HeyHuman. Prior to HeyHuman she was ECD at Saatchi & Saatchi X and creative director at Publicis Dialog.

My Top Tips for Cannes

Once again, we’ve seen some impressive work from the industry this year and competition will be fierce. I have included two-sure fire winners and two brilliant longshots.

Libresse – Viva la Vulva

Beautifully created with sensitivity, humour and taste, this is another masterpiece from the directorial eye of Kim Gehrig. I’m a huge fan. Women are terrible at understanding their bodies – so anything that makes people more aware can help to break those taboos.

Nike – Dream Crazy

A brilliant bold piece of work. Nike understands that it has a responsibility to drive change and isn’t afraid to do it. Also love the print content with superlative art direction – so powerful.

Pompidou Centre – #SouvenirsdeParis

Such an ingenious and unexpected way to solve the Pompidou’s problem. Love this little gem.

FELGBT – The Hidden Flag

Last year’s Russia World Cup presented a real opportunity for bravery, and nothing typifies it more than this campaign.

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