Innovations Lions: Fearlessly Frank’s Wayne Guthrie – my Top Tips for Cannes

Wayne Guthrie is co-founder and director at Fearlessly Frank.

With so much interesting stuff happening in the world of innovation right now, the question of what deserves recognition at Cannes this year is an obviously subjective one.

But here are three things that have recently come onto our radar, that we hope will go ping in the south of France too.

New Story Finally, something interesting (or at least ambitious) to evolve from the 3D printing craze. Utilising the technology on a grander scale, New Story can build houses in just 24 hours. An obvious game-changer in crisis zones, it’s not hard, given the look of them, to also imagine demand creeping into developed urban environments, wrestling with issues of homelessness and affordable housing.

Enso These guys are rethinking the humble tyre, a more sustainable version for electric vehicles. But more than that, we think it’s a marvellous reminder that changing a drive system for automobiles (as we currently know them) is merely the beginning of the change that is possible and necessary if we’re to improve, not just how efficiently our cities move, but their general health (and ours) too.

IBM VolCat VolCat doesn’t just sound amazing, it is. All that stuff we didn’t think we could recycle and was destined to ruin the perfect beach we’d just flown ten hours to enjoy? Well, this clever cat takes it all on – toys, clothes, carpets, buckets, plastic thingies, and if it’s a blend of materials, it will separate those out too, all without any sorting or washing. Yep, ‘Cool Cat’ would have been a better name.

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