Matthieu Elkaim of Ogilvy Paris: my Top Tips for Cannes

Matthieu Elkaim is CCO of Ogilvy Paris.

Top Tips for Cannes

Skittles – Broadway the Rainbow

Skittles is impressive by its consistency through time. The brand constantly reinvents itself and challenges the conventions. This kind of brand gives value to ad agencies, as being able to make people pay to watch an ad is simply magic at a time people massively adblock. Skittles will certainly be one of the most « cross-category » awarded campaigns.

Adidas — Stan Smith « Some People Think I’m a Shoe »

It could have been a great TVC but a great TVC doesn’t last. So they decided to publish a book. Clever approach at a time of social content. Content that people snack on and forget immediately.

The story of the person, Stan Smith, deserved a book. A beautiful one you want to spend time with.

It’s beyond advertising. It’s an object of desire, deeply rooted in pop culture.

Print is not dead. It is beautifully arranged on your coffee table.

Etat Libre d’Orange – I am Trash

When Etat Libre d’Orange, French luxury perfumer, asked us to find an idea get people speaking about the brand, we proposed to create a disruptive product people would speak about.

I AM TRASH is the first scent made of the waste of the perfume industry. What sounded like a crazy impossible product design idea became a bestseller, an object of curiosity and an inspiration for a whole industry. People talked about it. And we are pretty proud to know that famous perfume houses have been inspired by I AM TRASH and are following the movement to reuse trash — making it beautiful again.

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