Lennie Stern of BETC Paris: my Top Tips for Cannes

Lennie Stern is head of creative and entertainment strategies BETC Paris

Thousands of campaigns are submitted each year to the Cannes Lions. Less than ten per cent will make it to the shortlist, and a mere three per cent will win a Lion. Knowing that, we should remember that all awarded pieces of contents deserve respect, in this long journey where a lot of amazing works are competing to stand out and be memorable. I hope we will be surprised and I hope we will discover game changing ideas which will stimulate our creativity more and more such as:

Dream crazy Leveraging the power of sport to move the world forward. But also demonstrating to everyone in a positive way the power that advertising can have in this tough world we live in.

Viva la vulva was born to challenge the gap in truthful and positive representations of women’s genitals and did so in a pretty “ballsy” way. It is one thing to starify a singing camel toe and another to make us feel proud of it. I was personally proud to share this amazing piece of content which started many fascinating conversations. Viva la vulva is a smart and creative way to tackle an issue that is soooo touchy. Well done.

New York Times We can’t ignore this campaign and its positive halo effect. I think that, just like previously mentioned Nike or Libresse; New York Times found an incredibly inspiring and impactful way to make us understand the long hard path to the truth, and the cultural impact of media in our lives. This is brilliant. It rocks.

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