Can VCCP’s ‘Tanguru’ recapture Tango’s former glories?

It seems to have taken VCCP two years to come up with a Tango TV campaign (might not be their fault of course.) Britvic’s Tango is something of a rite of passage for agencies, trying to imitate the impact HHCL made with it all those years ago.

In an era when you didn’t have to tread so carefully for fear of offending someone – although HHCL managed it with aplomb.

So here we go, with VCCP’s ‘Tanguru’ who smooths over those tricky moments in life.

This one is quite funny.

This less so.

This HHCL effort (better than the pyschotic orange man) could have been designed for Brexit 20 years ago. Ray Gardner as Boris Johnson?

VCCP was Chime’s second foray into the agency market after HHCL, which imploded.

VCCP hasn’t of course and is now one of the UK’s bigger agencies.

This Tango effort? MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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