BBH London production chief Stephen Ledger-Lomas: my Top Tips for Cannes

Stephen Ledger-Lomas is head of production and a partner at BBH London

Amazon ‘Vikings’

Director: Steve Rogers

Funny is tough in advertising, hard to win those battles, find the right director, get the client to trust his vision and casting. Steve Rogers and Droga5 are a match made in heaven on these spots. Emminently watchable, clever, funny, hard working.

Guinness ‘The Purse’

Director: Tom Green

This spot by Tom Green has all of the brilliant cues of Guinness advertising of old. Beautifully shot, great performances, a thoroughly authentic world and touching story. A director coming of age.

International Committee of the Red Cross ‘Hope’

Director: James Rouse

James Rouse is the master of casting and performance, and this film for the International Committee of the Red Cross hits you hard in the stomach every time you see it. It tells the story of Raya who becomes the indirect victim of an attack on a hospital and should win everything it is entered into.

Oakley ‘One Obsession’

Director: Michael Lawrence

A simple, beautifully directed film and print campaign celebrating pure obsession and sacrifice. They spent three months in production on this campaign and it really shows. The narration in the film evolves into a slam poem as the film ramps up into its crescendo.

Samsung Multi Device Experience ‘Family Guy’
How to solve a brief like multi-device experience. Most tech brands try and fail to communicate this in an effective and entertaining way. We came up with the ingenious solution of letting Peter Griffin do it for them, all cleverly wrapped up in an augmented reality experience and web platform.

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