Asleep at your desk? No, a Wunderman Thompson power nap

Working for Wunderman Thompson must be stressful at times (more so its two constituent agencies just before the WPP merger) and so the newly-minted UK agency is introducing 15-minute “wellbeing” breaks.

As ever with these things there’s a programme to go with it, courtesy of an internal internal ‘well: mind’ team, made up of eight mental health ambassadors who have received training from the charity Mind. There will then be a motivational session with one Danny Bent, a “happiness guru” it seems, who’s been voted one of the happiest 100 people in the UK (we don’t know by whom.)

Among the activities on the menu are yoga desk stretches, mindful walking and power napping. But maybe you can just pop outside for a fag – or maybe not.

Photo: Dreamstime

Wunderman Thompson UK CEO Pip Hulbert says: “We want to use the events to change attitudes towards stress and stress management in the workplace. These aren’t issues you can pay lip service to once a year and we want to make all employees aware of the full range of resources we offer to safeguard our people’s mental health.

“Stress is the enemy of creativity. We want to give staff practical strategies to help them minimise stress in their daily lives so they are best equipped to produce great work and enjoy doing so.”

It’s easy to mock such things and with mental health issues are becoming a bit of a badge of honour these days.

But people do work ridiculous hours now, munching “healthy’ salads at their desk. In the bad old days we all decamped to the pub for a few hours, which maybe wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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