Wunderman Thompson wins Kraft Heinz’s new Sosu

Wunderman Thompson Spain has won a new Kraft Heinz brand, Sosu pan-Asian meal kits under the Amoy banner.

Alessia Tarantino, growth manager at Kraft Heinz New Ventures, says: “With Sosu, we offer affordability and practicality, without compromising on appetite and quality. These meal kits and range of products will allow consumers to eat well and explore new recipes, without taking too much time out of their already busy days. That’s the beauty of Sosu.”

WT creative director Spain Irene Vidal says: “Sosu is a new brand, so we wanted to be very direct when debuting it to the world, to ensure consumers remember it and ultimately, pique their interest in trying it. So, we put the branding to work, starting with the name. We opted for a tone and a brand personality far removed from the competition, aspirational and minimalist, like the product itself. This launch campaign has been our way of spreading the word: don’t let anything intimidate you, try something different and be inspired to cook pan-Asian at home.”

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