Microsoft leads as tech giants dominate Super Bowl ads

Microsoft was the top scoring big brand at last night’s NFL Super Bowl according to behavioural science firm System1 Research. It’s ‘We All Win’ featuring its adaptive controller which lets children with disabilities play video games and use tech hardware scored a maximum rating of 5.

Other brands to score 5 were ‘Get ready for 100’ from the NFL, ‘Scout’ from WeatherTech and ‘It’s good to be free’ from Norwegian Cruise Line.

Among the big brands scoring 4 were ‘Not everything makes the cut’ from Amazon, ‘Say the word’ from Mercedes Benz, ‘Crunch Time’ from Planters, Grocery Pick-up from Walmart, ‘100 billion words’ from Google (below), ‘A Coke is a Coke,’ and M&M’s ‘Bad passengers.’

System1 president of client development and strategy Brent Snider says: “ 2019 was the year the tech giants won Super Bowl advertising, with three of the traditional tech powerhouses all featuring in the top ten ads.

“Microsoft proved that tech ads don’t have to be cold and technical, with an ad which combined an extraordinary product and a powerful emotional take-out. Some traditional Super Bowl ad powerhouses failed to deliver. As usual though, compared to the average night in US advertising – where over half the ads get 1-Star and generate zero growth – the Super Bowl delivered.”

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