Teenager sees her mum in a new light – and in a new shade of lipstick – in Boots’ Christmas ad

Many festive ads have gone for a lighter touch this year, but this one for Boots from Ogilvy UK is a good old-fashioned Christmas tearjerker.

To the tune of Robbie Williams’ “She’s the one,” a teenage girl sings about her relationship with her mum and, despite their differences, they learn to understand each other.

Beauty is built into the story, with make-up providing both a battleground and a peace offering as the ad unfolds, until the girl sings the final (bastardised from the original) line, “She’s me mum.”

Helen Normoyle, marketing director for Boots UK and Ireland, said: “The story charting the relationship between the mum and daughter was a perfect example of how even when we’re close to the ones we love, we can often take their unique traits for granted. Working with our own Boots colleagues in the choir and having a fresh take on a well-known song provided a fun and touching way to bring our proposition to life.”

Sam Cartmell, deputy executive creative director at Ogilvy UK, said, “We hope our ‘Get them something that says…you get them’ campaign will inspire everyone to take a moment to appreciate their loved ones this Christmas for who they really are.”

Despite all the upheaval at the agency this year, they’ve done a good job. Or maybe it’s all the change (voluntary redundancy, everyone?) that has made the staff feel a bit sentimental this Christmas.

MAA creative score: 8

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