Twitter launches real time blitz on London’s Piccadilly Lights

Twitter finally seems to be breaking through as a marketing medium – how could it not with all that free publicity courtesy of Trump – and now it’s set to make a big impact in London with a campaign on property company Landsec’s giant Piccadilly Lights, managed by Ocean Outdoor.

The campaign will major on what it calls “big cultural moments in real time,” the first one being Netflix’s new series of House of Cards with Robin Wright replacing banished Kevin Spacey as the president.

Viv Bowdler, Twitter UK senior marketing manager Viv Bowdler says: “Twitter really is what’s happening and over the next few months we’ll be showcasing the biggest cultural moments that are setting Twitter alight in real time. Piccadilly Lights is a truly iconic location and we’ve worked hard to come up with a campaign that does it justice.”

Landsec head of portfolio management Christine Baldwin says: “Last week marked one year since we switched Piccadilly Lights back on following its digital screen makeover – and what better way to celebrate than with a brand that has sharing creative, digital content at its heart.”

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