Wimbledon delves into history again but this time with a power play from McCann

There’s just too much going on: the World Cup is almost upon us and the Martin Sorrell affair is putting advertising on the front pages – there’s fame for you.

Royal Ascot is coming up (as famous these days for boozy punch-ups) and there’s Wimbledon tennis where, thanks goodness, some standards still obtain.

According to the All England Club anyway, celebrating 150 years in business this year and 50 years of open tennis, where the players get paid.

This is the third year of McCann London’s ‘In pursuit of greatness’ campaign. The first two years were rather too reverential but this is a more action-packed effort, featuring some outstanding animation from Nexus Studios’ Smith & Foulkes.

New balls please.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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