Orlando Warner of WCRS: my Top Tips for Cannes

Top Tips for Cannes

The Most German Supermarket (Jung Von Matt)

This was a great stunt by German supermarket, Edeka to emphasise the importance of global diversity during a time when racial tensions were high in Germany.

The stunt made a wider societal point but also reflected Edeka’s commitment to variety and diversity.

Pitching French Films to Hollywood (O&M Singapore)

This is a simple idea that distinguishes what makes French films more interesting than the blockbuster Hollywood formula films and would really appeal to people who know cinema well. It’s a joke on the mass market and those involved in pedalling Hollywood rubbish.

It’s Tide Ad (Saatchi & Saatchi New York)

As a format it takes the piss out of advertising and shows how predicable (and genre based) most adverts are. By making every ad a Tide ad, it allows the viewer to be in on the game. You start to guess when and how the spokesman is going to appear in every ad. I ended up expecting him to appear in or working out how he could fit into ads that weren’t Tide ads.

Orlando Warner is a creative director at WCRS.

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