Ogilvy Paris takes sexual harassment fight to the streets

International Women’s Day (IWD) and les femmes de Paris are on the front foot, courtesy of Ogilvy Paris. Activist groups Stop Harcèlement de Rue, Les Effronté.es and Paye Ta Shnek are running a campaign to combat sexual harassment on the streets and public transport, mendacity on the Metro.

Yesterday and today in France Ogilvy banners several targeting men only are invading mobile screens when men are browsing their preferred French media (GQ, Konbini, SoFoot, Libération, BFM, L’Express). Furthermore the banners won’t go away even when you try to close them, like harassment.


One of the aims is to get men to tweet and post on Facebook in support at #NonC’estNon.

Stop Harcèlement de Rue’s Claire Ludwig says: “This campaign helps makes this type of behaviour a reality and thus, we believe, the impact will be broader than we could have achieved in traditional media.”

Ogilvy CD David Raichman says: “It is always difficult to communicate a personal experience such as harassment. This is why we wanted to find a unique way for men to face the reality of sexual harassment.”

Be interesting to see how many phones get turned off.

Striking nonetheless. May win a mobile creativity award or two.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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