Canon and VCCP tell appealing story – but are they missing the obvious?

A tidal wave of Christmas ads are on their way – Argos on Friday, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s next week – so it’s not a bad idea from Canon to get in early with what it calls a winter campaign, from VCCP.

It’s a continuation of this summer’s ‘live for the story,’ shot by David Harriman on a clearly very clever Canon C700 camera.

Canon senior marketing director Lee Bonniface says: “We repositioned Canon in May this year as a storytelling brand to help customers tell the best stories of their lives with all the different product and services Canon offers, from cameras, printers all the way through to our digital services and new launch print shop. The winter campaign continues the journey, teasing customers on the anticipation of those exciting stories yet to happen.”

Canon’s not in easy position as most people use their cameras as phones. Why pay extra? But this is an ambitious campaign and nicely done.

Mind you, one noted adland thinker reckons they’ve missed the best tack which would have been “photos are too precious to be taken a phone.”

Are we too fixated by “stories” these days?

This story: MAA creative scale: 7.

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