WPP’s GTB orchestrates the emotions for £40m Fiesta relaunch

Ford’s Fiesta seems to have been around for ever but it remains Ford’s best seller in Europe and now it’s being relaunched with a £40m campaign from WPP’s GTB. Majoring on music, as car campaigns seem to do these days, bewilderingly.

It’s a real biggie – 384 campaign “assets” no less – from social posts to 60-second TVCs localised across 19 European countries. The line is ‘Feel Every Fiesta Moment.’

Included are a number of films featuring coming artists with the help of Spotify and Vice then it’s on to three Fiesta films directed by Christopher Hewitt of Smuggler Films.

GTB Europe CCO Julian Watt says: “The idea and execution elevates and repositions Fiesta outside of the typical small car category which tends to think you need to shout to be heard. It’s less about what the car has, but rather how the car makes you feel.”

Dreamy huh? They’re all here.

Most small car advertising these days is uniformly terrible apart from VW. So we’ll give it an A for ambition.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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