West lays on the drama with the Dolmio in AMV’s big new campaign for Mars


Great minds evidently think alike: Mars is launching a new global campaign for Dolmio sauces purporting to show that proper meals bring families together even when everybody – including a somewhat over-the-top dad played by the very actorish Dominic West – is obsessed by their gadgets/devices.

Much the same theme as McCain’s recent winning effort from adam&eveDDB although that majors on the changing nature of modern families. Sure there was another one recently from someone else on the same theme but it eludes me.

It’s been a theme through the ages of course, going all the way back to Oxo’s Katie in the UK and, no doubt, there were already examples in the US. The difference is the way modern life is presented as dysfunctional.

It’s a big effort from agency AMV BBDO and a considerable investment too, not least on the part of West who’s a serious actor. Is being a Dolmio spokesman a wise move? Doesn’t seem to have done Jeff Goldblum much harm although he’s a rather different kettle of poissons.

This one? I’m rather averse to shouty actors – is it a substitute for thought?

Better on second viewing.

MAA creative scale: 5.5.

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