Smoke & Mirrors’ Aleks Djordjevic: my Top Tips for Cannes

Aleksandar Djordjevic is the head of 2D and creative director of global visual effects and post production studio Smoke & Mirrors, Amsterdam. Before Smoke & Mirrors he worked at MPC, Method Studios and Brickyard VFX.

This year will definitely go down in history. Although in many ways a total train wreck of a time to be alive, 2016, along with the first quarter of 2017, did produce some outstanding work. These significant shifts that redefine the very fabric of our society carry with them the sort of inner struggle that leads to amazing stories. There was a lot of thoughtful, iconic work to choose from and, though I loathe naming favourites – I have them. Here’s my top three.

My Top Tips for Cannes

The Refugee Nation – Amnesty International, Ogilvy NYC

When it comes to authentic engagement and an idea that has not only caught the attention of both creatives and audience Ogilvy NYC’s “Refugee Nation” is the real deal and one of my front-runners. The smart collaboration with the International Olympic Committee produced not only a captivating story but a snapshot of the progressive zeitgeist of our time. A poignant, incredibly gentle and respectful take on the refugee crisis.

Fearless Girl – State Street Global Advisors, McCann New York

This year International Women’s Day Celebration got a new iconic symbol. Never has there been a clearer message of female empowerment than the Fearless Girl a 50-inch sculpture of a little girl with a fierce attitude. The sculpture’s smart placement facing the iconic Wall Street Bull packed a punch and gave the overarching message the global platform it deserved. The debate that ensued after its arrival, between everyone and anyone, even those completely uninterested in the cause, was remarkable. I hope that the Fearless Girl stays right where it is for years to come and shapes itself into a symbol for all little girls out there.

We’re The Superhumans – Channel 4, 4Creative

4Creative’s impactful, bubbly and joyful spot featuring the Paralympians from Rio 2016 is a masterful creation. The visuals combined with the beautiful message of the story is an enchanting glimpse into these amazingly talented sportsmen and sportswomen’s lives. A heartwarming and perfectly paced musical number. It just has it all.

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