Walkers waves goodbye to common sense in Twitter foul-up

Why do they do it?

Champions League sponsor Walkers Invited fans to post selfies on Twitter with its front man Gary Lineker, who’s also BT’s lead presenter in its Champions League coverage, ahead of the June 3 final in Cardiff featuring Juventus and Real Madrid.

The campaign was called ‘Walkers Wave,’ the notion being to get fans to wave in support of, presumably, crisps.

So here’s what some of them did.

Other choices included lethal doctor Harold Shipman and Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper.

Walkers says it’s “upset” and has pulled the campaign.

You’d need to have been living in the Mongolian desert recently not to realise that the Twittersphere is jam-packed with off piste pranksters. Look at Donald Trump.

You wouldn’t let someone in off the street to make a commercial would you? Well actually…

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