Mad Men’s pitch mantra still seems the way of the world

Why do agencies knacker themselves over pitches? Why does the work for them always seem to take place at weekends. Is everybody really so busy?

Here’s the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce spin on it with unappealing and flawed (even by Mad Men standards) Englishman Lane Pryce* with †he bad news (a client has stopped spending) and DD with a resounding call to arms – and the promise of six weekends’ work on what they insist on calling Jagyooah.

I was once pressed into service preparing an agency pitch (long before MAA) for reasons which still elude me, on a Saturday (ditto).

But after hours still seems to be the way of the agency world. Is this why adam&eveDDB, which won about 20 straight pitches in a row, enjoyed the internal soubriquet adam&evening?

People say that adland ain’t like Mad Men any more but I’m not so sure.

*Pryce hails from London agency Putnam Powell and Lowe, which should offer some clues as to who, if anyone, he’s based on but probably doesn’t.

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