W+K succumbs to preachiness for Chobani

Oh dear, it looks as though Chobani (a yogurt) and agency Wieden+Kennedy in the US have succumbed to “brands making the world a better place” in a new campaign ‘Believe in Food.’ Well don’t we all, when we’re hungry.

It’s an update on Coke’s famous ‘Hilltop’ anthem ad, using a fine old tune.

But really – yogurt?

This was in the can no doubt before Pepsi’s recent in-house blunder. W+K would never have produced anything as naff as that although it’s had its moments in the US recently with Bud Light.

Preachy nonsense all the same.

MAA creative scale: 2.

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  1. Remember the Lusty Smithy for Kraft? W+K Portland should stick to sneakers and move everything else to London.