MullenLowe top creative Sokoloff parachutes into London

Lowe London is almost unrecognisable from the agency it was before it merged with Interpublic sibling Mullen to form MullenLowe and now there’s been a further big change with the appointment of MullenLowe’s top creative worldwide, Jose Miguel Sokoloff, president of MullenLowe’s global creative council, to the additional post of UK CCO.

Lowe was always a potent force in Latin America with Sokoloff’s SSP3 agency in Colombia a stand-out and in Latin Europe with Lola. Sokoloff has won buckets of awards at Cannes and elsewhere so no-one can doubt his credentials. But doing what he’s already doing and kick-starting a London agency that’s seen a swathe of departures is a pretty tall order.

A similar set-up at BBH when Brazil’s Alexandre Gama succeeded John Hegarty after BBH sold to Publicis can hardly be deemed a success.

Sokoloff says:: “London’s success is our network’s success. Over the past six months in London I have enjoyed the incredible opportunity to work with some of the most powerful, diverse and interesting talent in the world. I’m very optimistic about what we will achieve together in the long run.”

Dale Gall, MullenLowe Group UK CEO Dale Gall says: “First, we were truly humbled when Jose Miguel said yes to being our CCO – he is a world class creative talent with a long-proven record of agency leadership. Second, what was immediately clear is the scale of his ambition and vision for MullenLowe London – he is here to challenge himself, and all of us, to get out the best ideas for our clients.”

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