Buffett and 3G favourite David raids Mad Men for Heinz

in may ways Mad Men, with its confidence and bravado, makes a refreshing change from the hand-wringing supposed humility of agencies today but what hasn’t changed are the politics of the pitch.

A Mad Men theme was Sterling Cooper’s efforts to hang on to the Heinz account which eventually walked, to long-suffering copywriter Peggy Olson’s new agency. What made it worse was that she won the pitch (below).

Agency David has been watching the box set and used part of each agency’s pitch for Heinz in a new print campaign but substituting “pass the Heinz” for Don Draper’s “pass the ketchup.”

Mad Men – Peggy Heinz ketchup presentation by nutritiousroad

Ingenious. David, owned by Ogilvy and named after its founder, seems to be a favourite of Kraft Heinz’s two owners 3G Capital and Warren Buffett, the duo who recently tried and failed to buy Unilever. They also own Burger King for whom David recently produced another striking print campaign.

So here’s an agency munching at the top table.

Heinz ads: 8.

PS. This episode of the Mads was from 2013. But in 2009 AMV BBDO got there first with this nifty ‘invisible bottle’ ad for Heinz Ketchup.

Let’s see if this makes a “surprise” reappearance.

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