We Are Social shows all-court game with perky HSBC ad

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (it really only became a British bank when it pipped the Saatchi brothers to buy the Midland back in the day) seems to be in a certain amount of flux about its advertising.

A while back we learned (or thought we did) that its creative account was moving to Saatchi & Saatchi (now sans brothers of course) from JWT but then JWT said it wasn’t – Saatchi was doing something new. Sounds like an appeal to the TMO from someone or other to me.

Anyway it has come up with a nice TV ad but this one’s from social media agency We Are Social. For its Fast Balance app service.

Alarming, perhaps, to see that now even oldies consult their mobiles during “romantic” dinners but he’s got a good excuse.

Don’t get the chess piece (king looking for a queen?) but it’s a perky number.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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