Vodafone’s new ad strategy: you can make a phone call

Vodafone seems in a hurry these days: no sooner has it moved from WPP’s Grey to Ogilvy (in what must have been one of the quickest pitches ever) but it’s whizzed out its first campaign from the new agency.

And what news does it have for us? That you can use Vodafone to make phone calls – without losing the signal. Expect there’ll be a complaint or three about this.

30 years after mobiles hit the UK (and many billions of pounds of profit and bonuses later) it’s still news that you make a call? Last time I had a Vodafone I had to go out into the street to get a signal. Mind you, EE’s not much better it just requires a rapid tour of the house.

Vodafone “lost” £486m last year – somehow or other – reducing its UK tax bill substantially.

We’re all being taken for a ride aren’t we?

MAA creative scale: 4.

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