Shell’s ‘Best Day Of My Life’ is top on YouTube – but where are the proper ads?

You may have noticed a lack of yer actual ads in these pages in January. The reason being there haven’t been any really good ones, as far as we can see.

So here’s the highest-scoring ad on YouTube from December, ‘Best Day Of My Life,’ from JWT London for Shell’s #makethefuture campaign showing all the environmental good works it’s purportedly up to. Featuring Jennifer Hudson and Pixie Lott, among others. Nearly 48 million YouTube views to date.

Is it an ad (it’s unclear what it’s selling) or a new sort of hybrid online something-or-other? Do all those people tuning in to see their faves, listen to a catchy tune and clock some nifty art direction think any the better (or anything) about Shell?

We gave it seven first time out, noting its viral success but not really expecting nearly 50 million views (we don’t know how many were “organic,” howe many paid). It’s still a huge score for an ad but maybe we should be comparing it to music videos not ads.

Shell will be happy though, as will JWT.

But would somebody please produce a proper ad?

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