BBC fluffs Six Nations rugby launch

The BBC is trying to boosts its in-house creative output, most recently by hiring a couple of creative refugees from adam&eveDDB.

One of its biggest sporting events is Six Nations rugby, starting on February 4. Come on Australia, sorry England…

Here’s the launch film all about rugby. Oh but it isn’t, it’s about rugby fans telling us, inter alia, their feelings about Jonny Wilkinson’s knees (Jonny has retired by the way).

What is this modern obsession with ordinary people and ‘fans’?

They’re really not that interesting. What about the rugby?

Stand by by for more witless “join the conversation” rabble-rousing.

MAA creative scale: 2.

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One comment

  1. This was all about the fans, and it nailed what 6N is all about.
    BBC didn’t have the balls to run it though.