Radio 4 comedy tests the sound barrier with ‘Women talking about cars’

Radio 4 comedy ain’t what it used to be – Round the Horn etc – but just like everything else it seems to be succumbing to a tidal wave of righteousness concerning women.

Now girls have had a bad deal for about 3000 years but that doesn’t mean that one’s critical faculties should be neutered.

Saw today that Victoria Coren (one of the Beeb’s favourite people – now know as Victoria Coren Mitchell after hubby David, another of the Beeb’s…) is to present a new show called, imaginatively, ‘Women talking about cars.’


This will invite various other Radio 4 female regulars (Dawn French, yawn) to say what they think about cars. Presumably an audio riposte to Top Gear or The Grand Tour.

Whatever next – go-karting with Jo Brand?

There must be loads of talented writers (of whichever sex) out there who’d like a look in chance.

You can see how this got by those commissioning editor muppets at the BBC but Radio 4 comedy is supposed to be more than a pension scheme for its favourite B-list presenters and turns.

Whatever happened to funny?

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