Nicolas Lautier of BETC Paris: best ads of 2016


Nicolas Lautier is creative director of BETC Paris. He joined recently from Ogilvy Paris where he spent seven years working on brands including Perrier, Scrabble, Coca-Cola and Ford.


Jealousy is a good criteria when it comes to selecting the best campaigns. These are the three campaigns that clearly made me jealous.

Surprisingly, I have selected three campaigns that aired on traditional media.

Usually I am more open to digital and other forms, but recently I haven’t seen anything as good.

Sick Kids

I may state the obvious while selecting this one, but, for me, it’s the best TVC of the year craft-wise … at least for now. The film gave me chills.

The execution is exceptional and every aspect of it is great (music, casting, fonts, FX, illustration, animation, editing). Every step of the execution is mind-blowing.

I especially enjoyed the metaphors and the change of the writing styles in the film.

And even though the subject can feel complicated, the message of the ad is very strong.

Audi – Duel
We have seen this idea already countless times, but here – and again – the execution makes it great.

It feels like a popcorn movie that you want to watch and re-watch. You’re like a kid in front of a cartoon, but you’re an adult and the cartoon is a car ad. It wakes up your inner kid.

I really liked how they brought entertainment to a sector that can sometimes be very conservative.

Twitter – Elections

Rather than one particular print, I like the plurality of messages in this campaign.






They identified the main dividing topics, but rather than giving their own point of view, they simply started a conversation.

This execution is very clever and boils down the essence of what Twitter represents, as it enables dialogue between people with different (and opposing) opinions.

It’s strong, it’s clear, it’s iconic and moreover it’s a campaign that can live almost forever.

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