David Miller of Red Brick Road: best ads of 2016

My choices of the year are taken from a shortlist that was as voted for by Red Brick Roaders – we have a monthly creative review session called ‘Redview’ when we peer over our competitor’s shoulders and pay respect to work that we wish we’d done, whilst giggling at the bits we’re glad weren’t made here. Given the headiness of this week’s news, I’ve felt the need to put my rose-tinted spectacles on, so my picks are shamelessly upbeat, inclusive and distracting.

First up, is the pleasure-giver, leveller, and inspirational tour-de-force that is Channel 4’s Paralympics follow-up. It was a tough brief to beat the 2012 effort, but they nailed it.

Secondly, the shamelessly populist crowd-pleaser that is the National Lottery’s ‘Please not them,’ which is getting better and better with age. James Blunt in lycra behind his mirror. Hysterical.

And finally, something memorable from DDB Brazil for petfood, Special Dog. Check out the other two in the series as well… mischievous stuff.

david-miller-web-version-150x150David Miller is CEO of Red Brick Road.

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