Tyro Germans’ ‘ABC of Death’ proves that ads are much better without clients

A while back German directing duo Daniel (Titz) & Dorian (Ebherz), both film students, made a spec Johnnie Walker ad on the ‘Keep Walking’ theme called ‘Dear Brother.’ Now they’re back with a new effort for Volvo, again unofficial but, according to Adweek, with the carmaker’s approval. Or should that be acquiescence?

It’s called ‘ABC of Death’ for Volvo’s Autonomous Driving System (why do all the carmakers and others like Apple and Google think we want these – so we can use our phones even more?)

Here’s an effort that was commissioned, by Aldi.

It’s a nice enough film but not a patch on the Volvo one. Conclusive proof that ads are much better without clients.

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