George Parker: here’s the key to ‘Generation Creation’

A perspicacious Pot Pouri!


To paraphrase my old school mate, Winston Churchill, “Generation Creation” is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Now do not get me wrong here. It is a splendid book, but unlike many of the books on advertising and marketing that I have been asked to review over my long and somewhat checkered career… It is different, remarkably different.

Most of the many books covering this market are tedious and fucking pathetic attempts at communication that inevitably end up as boiler plate, dumpster worthy volumes, offering readers such gems as “The Marketing Secrets of the Kalahari Nomads” or “Where Would Moses Hide the Cheese.”

In the case of “Generation Creation,” authors Angela Natividad, Bill Green and Darryl Ohrt have taken a different route. They have created a veritable pot pouri of insights, advice and downright smart answers on how to survive in today’s increasingly fractured advertising environment. I recommend you to dip in wherever it takes your fancy, there’s good stuff everywhere… such as… “I dream that the selfie generators will tire of seeking Likes, the content curators will die of clickbait poisoning and the truly gifted creators will rise to the top.”

What the fuck is not to like about that? Buy this book, heartily recommended.

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