Best ads of 2016: B&S for Pearl and Dean, FCB for Barnardo’s and BETC for Addict Aide excel in September

There was an outbreak of good ads in September and here are three; all very different but examples of the agency being set a challenging task and coming up with a highly creative answer.

First up is Brothers and Sisters for cinema advertising firm Pearl & Dean, an attempt to recapture the magic of ye olde days of Hollywood.

Which it does, in a production which must have cost a pretty penny. No pressure there then.

FCB Inferno had the rather daunting challenge of succeeding BBH on Barnardo’s on top of the (rather more important) task of launching a new ten-year platform for the famous children’s charity.

Don’t think BBH would have bettered this.

BETC Paris provoked an Instagram sensation with its chronicling of the party lifestyle of Louise Delage, only to reveal that the unfortunate woman was an alcoholic. For French charity Addict Aide.

Brilliant: you don’t just get a mini-documentary but a proper ad too.

Would be nice when we’re displaying these monthly winners to see a few more big commercial brands in there but good work is good work. And these three are very good.

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