Tom Denford from ID Comms: #RebateGate, ad fraud and talent – The WFA view

In this week’s #MediaSnack Tom Denford is joined by Matt Green, senior manager media and digital marketing at the World Federation of Advertisers, which represents global marketers

First, Tom and Matt discuss the WFA’s most recent initiative around ad fraud and its advice to marketers to help them reduce their exposure to this growing problem.

Next, Matt gives a WFA perspective on the ANA’s report into US media rebate practice. He believes the ANA report contains a lot of constructive comments and is a helpful step forward for their marketer members.

He hopes that it will be a “catalyst for behavior change” on the client side because some client behaviours may have “provoked the transparency problem”

Finally, Tom and Matt talk about the WFA’s most recent members survey on media transformation which highlights talent as one of the biggest concerns amongst WFA members and how important it is to ensure that they have the right resources and capabilities.

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