W+K Amsterdam launches ‘This Is Living’ for Corona

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam is launching a new global brand platform – we hear a lot about those these days – for Mexico’s Corona beer: ‘This Is Living.’

Point being that”our best side” shines through when we’re outside, in Corona-ish settings usually involving sun, sea and sand.

So here’s another surfer.

Keep thinking it’s going to morph into W+K Portland’s Southern Comfort.

There’s also a series of 15-second product films, OOH, print and online also featuring Corona’s new screen printed bottle plus a social media and global influencer campaign with people around the world personifying This Is Living.

All sounds pretty joined up, which is what you get from W+K Amsterdam these days.

Here’s ‘Lime Ritual,’ without which no Corona is complete.

MAA creative scale..hmm, tricky one this. 6.5.

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