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Tom Denford from ID Comms: is this the UK’s coolest media agency?

On this week’s #MediaSnack Tom chats with Jenny Biggam, co-founder of The7Stars, the UK’s leading independent media agency.

Tom and Jenny discuss The7Stars’ innovative approach to media agency structure, her perspective on the current discussions and concerns over media transparency and how Jenny has made talent her focus as leader of the company.

Since launching in 2005, The7Stars has grown to be crowned UK Media Agency of the Year a decade later. Jenny outlines how it has intentionally differentiated themselves from the “big agency group” community by being focused on client service and a single P&L approach.

Next, Jenny and Tom talk about the upcoming ANA media rebate investigation, due to publish imminently in the US and she also comes out in support of ISBA’s new media contract template initiative which other agencies have been rather sceptical about.

Finally, they discuss talent and Jenny shares her thoughts on how her agency manages to attract, motivate and retain good people. The7Stars has one of the lowest staff churn rates in the country and innovative staff policies include limitless holiday.

The ID Comms 2016 Media Talent survey is open until June 3 and can be accessed here.

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