Boots hails new ‘health and wellbeing’ strategy in new campaign from Mother

Boots has announced what it rather grandly calls a “new communications direction,” to wit “addressing the health and wellbeing needs of the nation and demonstrating the many ways in which Boots UK can help.”

Fair enough, Boots is a British institution although it’s now owned over there. Boots has gathered some stats such as there are one million children in the UK with undiagnosed eyesight problems, lots of us don’t have the right travel insurance and mums wish they didn’t worry so much about their children in the first year of parenthood. Not the easiest brief in one ad for agency Mother.

Boots UK director of customer strategy and communications Helen Jeremiah says: “Jesse Boot, son of our founder John Boot, was a champion of people – not just customers, but colleagues too – and always focused on helping people feel good. Despite all the changes around us, much of what Jesse aspired for customers and colleagues is still relevant today and that’s why this new direction is so important to us at Boots UK.”

Jesse doesn’t appear in the ad, alas, but Mother knows what this advertising lark is all about and this is quite a powerful Brownie point-scoring docu-ad. One which gives our anxieties a timely prod so we head down to Boots.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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