Knorr goes from ‘First Kiss’ to ‘Love At First Taste’

Yet another big new campaign – this is getting too much. I recall my early days at Campaign magazine (I had naively thought it to be a media magazine rather than about something called advertising, should have read it before going to the interview) and being charged with a story about someone or other “launching meatballs in Colchester.”

Was this any job for an (almost) grown man, I thought.

Anyway, MullenLowe London, which seems to have clicked into overdrive since America’s Mullen and Lowe came together, has produced a new campaign for Knorr, ‘Love At first Taste.’ Helmed, as we say in the trade, by Tatia Pilieva who directed YouTube sensation ‘First Kiss’ for Wren a couple of years ago.

Essentially this is First Kiss with scoffing taking the place of snogging. So: derivative certainly but it kind of works. And it’s a spirited attempt to show that convenience food can be tasty.

Always wondered about those big designer beards you see everywhere now. Does your food get stuck in them? Handy for a snack later on maybe.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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