McCoys dials up flavour in WCRS debut

McCoy’s, which claims to be the number one ‘ridged crisp’ in the UK, is launching its first campaign through new agency WCRS, “When Flavour Calls.’ And, indeed it does, via a gold-plated telephone.

The £3m campaign runs on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, digital TV and online.

KP Snacks branded sales director Andy Riddle says: “McCoy’s is a hugely popular brand with strong heritage. Already worth over £100m, this year we are continuing to ramp up investment in the brand as we look to appeal to a wider population of snackers with our improved and even stronger flavour. Our new TV campaign is a great way to create noise around McCoy’s’ taste credentials, bringing new consumers into the brand and significantly driving overall category sales.”

WCRS ECD Bill Faithfull says: “When flavour calls, when you need to taste your crisps, I mean really taste them, McCoy’s are top of the pile. They’re sharper than a samurai sword in a suit, they’ve got more sizzle than a King Prawn in a cocktail dress. We’re really excited about relaunching the McCoy’s brand under this simple proposition; that for people who want flavour in their lives, there’s only one brand for them.”

As you may have gleaned, understatement is not on the menu here. Hyperbole is the default mode for most British TV campaigns when there’s not actually that much to say. As there isn’t, perhaps, in the era of artisanal sea salt and smoked caramel snacks.

But it works well enough as a reminder about McCoy’s.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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