Under Armour loses its bearings all the way to Memphis

One of the duties that falls to agencies is picking the celebs for a new campaign, should they be required. There are lots of factors of course – cost, availability etc.

It’s particularly hazardous with sportsmen who may lose form, get arrested, be found to be an alien in disguise etc. Especially when it’s a sport you don’t know much about.

Droga5 in the US may have fallen into this trap in its latest campaign for Under Armour. One ad features the US women’s gymnastics team – fine – the other one Memphis Depay, a Dutch winger signed by Manchester United a year or so ago for £25m. £25m in football these days is no guarantee of quality, especially if you’re Manchester United.

The ad shows Depay working out, as one credulous rag put it, “in search of greatness.” So Far Memphis’ main claim to ever-elusive greatness has been picking up a parking ticket in Manchester in his £250,000 Roller (the boy must have a good agent).

Here’s Memphis.

They used to advise actors never to work with children and animals. For agencies you could add, flaky foreign footballers.

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