Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: why the media pitch market will be strong in 2016

In this week’s #MediaSnack, Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms look ahead to what’s likely to be another busy pitch year. Fatal February could be the time when CMOs decide to kill off their current relationship, even if the agency doesn’t know it yet.

They highlight the fact that many clients will already know they are going to pitch even if it’s not public as yet as well as comments from MEC Global CEO Charles Courtier that this scale of media pitching could be “the new normal” for media agencies.

Tom and David offer some helpful tips and advice to CMOs, including having a clear idea of what they want media to do, how to make sure their brands stand out and that agencies are prioritising their pitch and offering the best talent, resources and value.

Next, they review of Omnicom Group’s Q4 results and look behind the good like-for-like growth figures, notably the fact that programmatic media buying revenues account for 25 per cent of total group growth. Other highlights include plans to launch a third global media agency network following the recent P&G win in the US in 2015.

Finally, they ask whether success in achieving stronger agency transparency will free up in-house teams, allowing them to spend less time monitoring their agencies and more time on strategic insight and opportunities.

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