P&G’s Fairy looks like much-needed boost for Publicis

Publicis Worlwide seems to have won Procter & Gamble’s Fairy washing-up liquid account, beating Grey. Publicis handled the business in the US, Grey outside.

This seems to be part of P&G’s drive to reduce agency fees by $500m (it claims to have saved $375m already). Presumably having one agency worldwide is cheaper. According to some reports procurement ran this operation – which implies that Publicis went in cheap – but we don’t know that.

Once upon a time the commercial airwaves were awash with Fairy Liquid ads ‘ “hands that do dishes can be soft as your face” – but that was in the good old days of two C’s in a K, with a winsome child looking on.

P&G has wrenched nearly $3bn of media business out of Publicis Groupe in the US in the past year. Media and creative are obviously different, but I wonder if someone at P&G Towers in Cincinnati has said, “come on, this is getting a bit serious.”

For as long as big clients are wedded to big agency groups they need competition. The last thing P&G, or its rivals, want is a choice of just Omnicom or WPP.

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