Guinness hymns ‘intolerant champion’ John Hammond

Drinks giant Diageo has been doing some funny things with its advertising of late but thank goodness it’s left Guinness alone (for now).

It’s running a series about ‘ordinary people doing extraordinary things’ and next up is John Hammond, one of the undisputed giants of the music industry. Among other things Hammond signed Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen to Columbia.

But he here is in ‘ordinary’ mode, as a New York radio host in the 1930s, the first to sign black artists for his radio show in the days when even the airwaves were segregated. Hammond described himself as “the sometimes intolerant champion of tolerance.”

From AMV BBDO and Irish International (can’t see why it took two of them but never mind). Directed by Jake Nava.

Uplifting stuff. MAA creative scale: 8.

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