Tom Denford and David Indo of ID Comms: why the Super Bowl is a media and advertising phenomenon

The latest #MediaSnack broadcast by Tom Denford and David Indo of ID Comms looks at the money and the effort being invested by US brands in the Super Bowl.

With the big game just a few weeks away, Tom and David will consider:

• Why the Super Bowl is still considered such a powerful advertising opportunity for brands in the digital age.
• How does the Super Bowl work from a media perspective?
• Why do brands prize Super Bowl spots so highly given the high cost?
• How have brands used digital and social channels like YouTube and Facebook to extend the impact of their Super Bowl commercials?

They will be joined by Stephan Schwarz, Business Analyst at ID Comms, who will highlight some of the social media numbers and trends around Super Bowl advertising and media buys.

Finally they will look at the good, the bad and the ugly of Super Bowl advertising and ask why the same standards and effort isn’t applied to raising the bar of communications consistently across the year.

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