BBC’s ‘Pure Drama’ shows best of RKCR/Y&R

We’ve sometimes wondered at the BBC’s use of agencies when the corporation itself should be stuffed with creative talent. That issue will arise again next year following the formation of BBC Creative, about which we hope to bring you more news next year.

But the Beeb assures us that AOR RKCR/Y&R will still be on the case too. You can see why in this nifty film from the agency – ‘Pure Drama’ – featuring three famous BBC ‘tecs and good old Dr Watson.

RKCR/Y&R has had something of an annus horribilis, losing its biggest account Lloyds Bank to adam&eveDDB among other lowlights. Then there was the mooted merger with CHI&Partners before WPP decided to go with a new management, headed by Jon Sharpe.

But its work for the Beeb shows what it’s capable of. Maybe in 2016 it will finally be able to put the adam&eve breakaway – which occurred back in 2008 for goodness’ sake – behind it.

Back to Pure Drama (as opposed to Y&R dramas).

MAA creative scale: 8.

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